Take your photographic skills using large format (view camera) equipment to the next level with this one day workshop in Stockholm.

For over 10 years Kim Sawyer has been educating and inspiring Artists of all levels with instructional classes within Sweden. Whether you’re a passionate enthusiast or a professional photographer, Kim helps you to explore and expand your skills using a large format camera and sheet film.

This workshop will focus on Kim’s method of working, he will discuss his way of seeing and viewing his subject. From the early stages of setup to final capture, working alongside Kim students have the opportunity to observe, learn and create their own images. In addition to being guided through various ways to handle your camera you will also be given advice and tips on composition theory, focus, lighting and design.

To see examples of Kim's large format photography :

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        School of photography, Stockholm.


Workshops are aimed  at the more experienced photographers wanting to advance in specific areas of photography.

The only way to really learn  is to attempt to do it yourself. With expert guidance and tuition you have the opportunity to create your own photographic images to add to your portfolio of work.

Our tutors will also give you an insight into their own style of photography by giving demonstrations on how they approach and create their own images.

The locations for the workshops, both in Sweden and abroad, are located in environments that are benificial to the area of photography that you are attempting to  master. These vary from inspiring landscapes and beautiful areas of solitude to the atmoshere and excitement of modern city life.

Away from the traditional classroom our workshop meeting places range from hotels to summer houses, from a cafe to open areas of outstanding natural beauty. Relaxing surroundings, that combined with good food, drink and people who share your passion, create a fun and very enjoyable learning experience.

STUDIO PORTRAIT WORKSHOPS - Pease contact for information and dates.

These workshops using studio flash focus on lighting techniques and working with your model.

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This is a continuation course for those who already understand camera basics and what constitutes a good photo. During these series of eight workshops you will have the opportunity to practice and develop your skills under instruction from a professional photographer.

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STOCKHOLM'S ARCHIPELAGO  ( landscapes & portraits )

Unesco listed, the Stockholm Archipelago lying just to the east of the city, is an amazing collection of more than 30,000 islands, varied, from wild windswept outer-archipelago skerries with waves breaking over the rocks to lush inner-archipelago bays where stillness reigns.

The silence of the beautiful Stockholm Archipelago attracts many visitors and Artists, the islands have inspired many authors, painters, poets and musicians in the past and now.

This workshop based on one of the islands that offers good accommodation, starts with a wonderful and relaxing  trip from Stockholm on one of the many boats ( possibly an old steam boat ) which meander between the islands before reaching their final destination.

Once in the beauty of the archipelago, with this workshop you will become absorbed with photography, in a relaxing calm atmosphere you will be inspired and motivated to find your creativity.

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Workshops that focus on locations in Sweden and abroad. Ranging from the architectual splender, excitment and bright lights of city life to epic landscapes displaying  nature's splender and solitude.

Great workshops if you are adventurous and seeking new scenery or a change of direction with your photography.

We explore the  importance of your cameras aperture, shutter speeds, etc and study and observe the effects of light, the time of day and the weather.

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We offer you the opportunity to join our portrait special ‘‘on location” workshop. This workshop should be of special interest to amateur and semi-pro photographers who have a special interest in photographing people on location and wish to learn more about professional lighting techniques.

So if you want to improve your skills as a location photographer, for example when photographing portraits, weddings, fashion, etc, this workshop is perfect for you.

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The human form has facinated Artists for many centuries and it continues to do so with photographers today. This workshop "the nude in nature" is aimed at the photographer who wishes to create Artistic images expressing, beauty, harmony and a sense of freedom, not erotic photos of naked models.

Sweden has a very open and tolerant society which has a  much more  liberal attitude towards nudity than many other countries. This fact combined with Sweden's  vast areas of unpopulated and beautiful landscapes makes it a perfect location for  photographing the nude in nature.

We prefer our models to look very natural, rather than fashionable or stylized. Plus we give you the option of photographing either a male or a female model.

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