School of photography, Stockholm.


As I am continually aiming to improve my courses I appreciate any feedback from my students. I want to know if they are satisfied with the contents of the course, workshop, or tour and did they enjoy the experience of learning more about photography with KSPHOTO ?

So many thanks to the following persons for their contribution !

REVIEW : Julie Misaki, film producer, Tokyo & Hong Kong.

"I took a 4 day photography course with Kim and I feel like I have learnt all the basic photography skills in such a short time. He is an excellent mentor, and even as a beginner, I have managed to learn how to take a good photograph and edit it on Photoshop... in such a short time !

I recommend his classes to everyone who wants to learn how to take great photos. Thank you Kim, will keep in touch !"

REVIEW : Povilas Uzdavinys, Medical researcher, Lithuania.

"My name is Povilas. I am originally from Lithuania and I am working as a researcher at a university. I have been a PhD student at Stockholm University, when I attended Kim Sawyer’s photography course.

I really enjoyed the time during the course where not only I met a magnificent teacher, who knew his craft extremely well, but I also met incredible people with different backgrounds and age's from who I could also learn from.

I truly loved Kim’s portrait classes in the studio. He taught us how we can play with the light and could give us feedbacks and recommendations. Kim knows how to use Adobe Photoshop, which is a vital tool in the photographers hands and he can teach you all the tricks of the trade.

The only regret is that I had to cut short my participation in the course due to a new work contract in Germany."

REVIEW : Sarah Abouzari, from Iran.

"I first took the courses with Kim Sawyer via Folkuniversitiet without knowing much about him. I was basically only looking for an English photography courses and I could only find Kim's course.

After the first course, we were really motivated to continue. My Fiance and some other students decided to take the course privately with Kim, where he had more freedom for his unique teaching style and it became even more fun that we kept continuing the course for over a year. And even after that we still kept contact, went to photo exhibitions and learn much more from him.

It was definitely the most fun and educating course I have ever had. We would meet up at different fun locations, start with Coffee and theory and then continue shooting a specific subject using the techniques we had learned each time. I highly recommend Kim's course to anyone who has interest in photography and wants to learn, get motivated and enjoy learning."

REVIEW : Ahmad Ahmad, Financial analyst, Palestine.

"I took the beginners course with Kim which was a very informative and fun experience. During the 6 week course, Kim was a great teacher who provided us with the skills and techniques while giving us the space to be creative and select our own subjects.

I can say that today I understand my camera in a much better way."

REVIEW : Fabiano Sambati, Geologist, Brazil.

"My name is Fabiano from Brazil, I am a geologist but photograph is my passion for sure. Kim taught me a

lot of things, from photo techniques to how to choose an ideal camera and lens, etc.

Kim is very accessible and patient to me, the course was very funny and I had the luck to meet such nice people there, I was glad to be part of a great team !!!

Nowadays I live in Canada, if I was still in Sweden I would continue the course with him, but even now I still have contact with him to solve some problems and doubts which he always answers back promptly."