School of photography, Stockholm.


Experience the opportunity to both improve your photography and see some beautiful places. Our Tours in combination with Workshops are aimed at the more adventurous photographer, who would like to photograph in a new and exciting environment.

On these photography expeditions you will learn tips and techniques while exploring picturesque and interesting places with a tour leader who is a professional photographer.

Each photography tour and workshop is planned, researched and scouted for great photographic opportunities. Some trips have a cultural focus, while others may primarily be, landscape, people, architectural photography, etc. Some a mix of all of these genres combined.

If you want to travel through different landscapes, learn some new skills with your photography, make some new friends with similar interests and have an unforgettable trip resulting in some great photography.

This is what we strive for with our photography tours and workshops.

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Stockholm :   (cityscapes, street & architecture)  * See below

Stockholm's Archipelago :  (landscapes, portraits & nudes)

Gotland / Fårö :  (landscapes)   * Click  HERE  for information.

Berlin :  (cityscapes, street & architecture)

Island :   (landscapes & northern lights)

Stockholm Photo Tours


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This guided tour in English is aimed at any visitor to Stockholm with a camera or a mobile phone who would like to both improve their photographic eye and capture some of the very picturesque locations within the city.

Under the expert guidance of professional photographer Kim Sawyer who lives in Stockholm you will have the opportunity to discover and photograph some of the most interesting places and views in Stockholm. He will inspire and motivate you to see and think like a pro-photographer, helping you to become more aware of composition, subject matter, focus, colours, movement, light and shadow, etc.

Visually Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, surrounded by water, it was once described by the famous Swedish novelist Selma Lagerlöf as "the city that floats on water."

A city with many beautiful and striking buildings, including the Town Hall famous for hosting the Nobel dinner every year. Plus the charms of the old town ”Gamla stan” with its medieval layout has many buildings that date back to the 13th century.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter are very distinctive seasons that provide constantly changing weather patterns and hours of daylight. These contrasts create opportunities to take great photographs all year round, making Stockholm a very special place for capturing light and natures variations.

This tour is designed to help you capture many of the most beautiful and interesting parts of Stockholm with your camera, you will be given advice and tips on how to approach the subject and as the group size is limited (3- 8), everyone will receive individual help. The tour duration is approximately 3-4 hours, this is modified according to group size, extra time given to larger groups.



         1.  600 kr per person, for groups of 3 or more persons. 

         2.  900 kr each for two persons.             

3.  1800 kr for a "One to One" private tour.   These tours are customised for your individual needs. You can decide your starting time, and what you would like to be taught and see on the tour.


PS.  Tours 2 & 3 can be taught at a more advanced level to suit your photography.

For all enquiries and more information about this city tour please  CONTACT.

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