School of photography, Stockholm.


Photography courses in Stockholm in English. 

                                                                                                 As  many of our students / participants are from outside Sweden most of  our Courses, Workshops and Tours are in English. But many of the tutors are bilingual and speak both English and Swedish, so Swedish students are also very welcome !

For each course student numbers are kept low (3-6 students) to give every student individual attention. Also rather than teaching in an uninspiring classroom environment all KSP classes are taught in a professional photo studio or within a location suitable for the type of photography being taught.


when you book your place 21 days before the course start date.

For many of us, whether it's for work or for our own personal pleasure, photography plays an important role in our lives. It can be both frustrating and rewarding depending upon our knowledge and understanding. 

As well as just developing your photography because you think it's fun, these courses are  very benificial to you  if you are working with international companies and communicating in English and require more advanced  photographic skills. For example if you work in media as a journalist,  public relations or advertising.

To help overcome any initial problems you may have trying to understand how your camera  works or what contitutes a good photograph, image manipulation, etc, the easy route is to seek  expert guidance and advice.


NEW Course start date 25th August 2020.

* (all recommendations are followed to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus).


Would you like to take great photographs but don't have enough basic skills or knowledge, do you have a digital camera but don't really know how to use it ? If so this is the course for you !

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NEW Course start date 27th August 2020.

* (all recommendations are followed to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus).



This 8 week course is a series of workshops aimed at photographers who have progressed passed the beginners stage. If you would like to advance your photography for either your work or for pleasure these workshops would be perfect for you !

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INDIVIDUAL ONE TO ONE COURSES :   *       25% discount for 5 two hour courses.

Designed for your specific requirements these courses can range from a few hours to several weeks. They may also contain the following optional contents, which can be selected as you wish.

* Understanding and controlling your cameras functions.

* What constitutes a good photo & image communication.

* Image review, critique and evaluation.

* The history of photography.

* Photo/portfolio projects.

* Studio Lighting.  ( Extra cost for studio hire )

* How to post process your images.

* How a professional photographer works.

COST :  800 kr per 2 hour session with tax.       Half price for an additional friend / partner  ( 400kr ).

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Have you ever wished you could take professional looking portraits, have you ever wondered how professional photographers work to create their portraits ?

With this course you will have the opportunity to work in the studio using professional studio flash equipment and a professional model. Under the instruction of an experienced professional photographer you will learn about lighting and how to create some great portraits, which will benefit your portfolio of work.

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COMPANY & PRIVATE GROUP COURSES : (Optional content same as above ) 

Minimum of six persons. Price depending upon how many persons, how many hours and location. Courses can range from a few hours to several weeks, depending upon your requirements. Longer courses are priced individually at a lower hourly rate.

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GIFT VOUCHERS   are available if you would like to present that special person with a gift of lessons in photography.   Above is an example, which are available for all Courses, Workshops and individual "One to One" classes with professional photographer Kim Sawyer.

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