With expert guidance discover how to create fantastic portraits and product shots either in a professional studio or at your own location !


Are you wishing you could present your business with better photos on social media or your website without incurring high costs ?

This workshop is aimed at small companies who want to produce their own photography.

If you have an interest in photography and wish to learn how to take professional looking photos to present towards your customers. This workshop / courses aims to help you improve your photo skills either with a camera or a mobile phone.

* The workshop includes 2 hours (or more if required) in a photo studio or at your  companies location. Individually or in a group.

* Learn how to work with and use lighting, both available light and studio flash.

* How to get the best image quality from your camera, eventhough a good quality camera with manual functions is recommended a mobile phone used properly can achieve good results.

* What constitutes a good photo and does it communicate the desired message to your potential customers.

* Post processing and editing. How to improve your photos.

* Also includes tips and advice on the benefits of additional equipment.

THE COST :  1500 kr plus moms for 2 hours. 

Please CONTACT for further information.