The course is suitable for everyone who has a digital camera and would like to learn the basics of photography. As the course is held in English, participants should have at least a basic knowledge of English.


Course Aims


To become familiar with the basic functions of your camera through theory and practical exercises. By learning about shutter speeds, aperture, ISO, depth of field, white balance, etc you will start to understand how these functions effect your photos.

Plus with an introduction to how you can digitally alter a photograph in Photoshop you will increase your knowledge and creativity as a photographer.


Course Contents


* Introduction to the camera and how you can work with different adjustments to influence your pictures. For example when photograph against the light, different ways of photographing movement, how to work with distance and focus, etc.


* Subjects will include portraits, landscapes/cityscapes, street photography, etc.


* Post processing is an important part of digital photography, this course will also include an introduction to Photoshop.


* Photo Studio. You will have the opportunity to use a professional photo studio with studio flash equipment, where you will be taught basic lighting techniques, giving you the chance to take professional looking portraits.


*During the course you will get several photo assignments as homework that will be presented for review during group discussions.


* With image review and critique you will receive advice and tips from an experienced photographer to help you improve your photographic images.



Working Method


A combination of theoretical tuition, guided and independent practical work. Group size is limited to a maximum of 8 participants, this allows us to give more individual time to all our students.



Equipment and Materials


Bring your own digital camera (which should have manual options, not fully automatic), a standard zoom lens is perfect to start with. Also required is a USB stick to digitally store and transfer your work.





Born in England, Kim Sawyer is an experienced photographer and teacher. He has worked within the advertising industry (London & Stockholm) for many years and owned a gallery specializing in photographic Art. Before starting KSPhoto he worked at Folkuniversitetet for nine years as a teacher of photography and the studio manager.




Location : Studio at Holländgatan 27, Stockholm. T Bana : Rådmansgatan.


Start date : Please contact for start dates.


Last class :


Number of weeks : 8


Time : 18.00 - 20.15


Total number of study hours : 24


Cost : 4200 kr.



Please CONTACT us if you would like to book your place or for more information.



A more advanced continuation course, in the form of a series of Workshops, is also offered if you woud like to progress further with your photography.



Please click HERE for the Continuation Workshop Course.


Learn, be creative and have fun !